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Commissions Listings September 2014 by Anceylee-Star

Prices are better broken down and are current as of September 10th, 2014.

First-Come First-Serve Basis!

I am a recent BFA graduate; I specialize in illustration-- and am waiting to hear back from a job opportunity that won't start up for another 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, I'm taking commissions~

 I am currently in a rather tight money situation and I’ve run into issues with my current job at the museum— I won’t be receiving all the money from my recent payroll for a while because of paperwork and rules as to how long I can work, and I want to make sure I can pay my bills for the next month. 

All prices above reflect the prices for a single character— multiple characters are slightly discounted per image.

Message me here or email me directly at

Please have references and descriptions handy! 

Non-US residents have a small additional transaction fee of $1-2 USD depending on commission total. Thanks!
Commissions Listings September 2014 by Anceylee-Star
Commissions Listings September 2014
Commissions!! More up to-date with a better price breakdown than the last one. Old commission list is invalid. Yay!

Anyways, please commission me! email me at for details.
Falk-- Portrait Speed Paint by Anceylee-Star
Falk-- Portrait Speed Paint
A quick try at painting faces, which I haven't done in a bit. Done in Photoshop.
<da:thumb id="466311077"/>
Click Above for quick price breakdown!

Hey everyone,
commissions are back up, since my passport has been lost/misplaced, and I will very likely need to get a new one in the following weeks. Commissions are open until further notice.

I'll make creature art, character art, illustrations, science illustrations, etc. I also can draw robots, birds, and jabberwockies.

I'm a recently-graduated art student, and I do a large array of illustrations and styles, from traditional ink drawings to digital portraiture.

New Families - Thesis by Anceylee-StarThe Eternal Cat. by Anceylee-Star
Assassin's Creed 1920's Chicago Prototype by Anceylee-StarTurtlefish - Thesis by Anceylee-Star<da:thumb id="319722194">

Please email me at or message me here or on tumblr to inquire.

Check out more of my art at

Prices shown are base prices, and are subject to change depending on complexity. Send me your commission info, including character references, and your wanted stylization, for a final quote. 

Commission prices are set for non-commercial, private-use artwork. 

Payment is accepted through Paypal only (USD), no down-payments necessary.

WIP updates are sent on larger illustrations (>$15)

If you can signal boost, I'd greatly appreciate it! 

Hey everyone!

I'm overhauling my dA account now: It's in need of some upgrading, editing, and archiving. So old stuff is going to be disappearing and archived, the gallery should get a rehaul, and a lot of journal entries are going bye-bye. 

I'm graduating from university in a few weeks! \o/ 

I'll be a full-blown adult soon: I have a few non-art jobs lined up, and I plan to work on my freelance presence as a supplement. I'm focusing on revitalizing my illustration skills, mostly, and working on museum exhibit design. 

If you want to be more up to date on my stuff, check out my art blog on tumblr: most of my activity is on there now.

I'll be reopening paypal commissions sometime soon with new options/prices. 

Cheers! Let me know how you're all doing! Let me know of your skype, tumblrs, etc.

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You're welcome! And thanks for the watch, too! :)
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Whenever it happens, I'm gonna pretend your a corpse from Dead Space now. Hope you liked my trolololol moment there.

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It was beautiful
It really was. I'm ashamed to say I don't know much about Dead Space yet though.

We do! :c
Anceylee-Star Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Professional General Artist
I dunno, one of your art pieces sort of reminded me of Dead Space a bit (which is a game I love), so it was one the brain.
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So... congratulations with a victory, partner :3
Anceylee-Star Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thank you; I still feel like you gave me a run for my money, though!
kumatsuotaku Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
Woops, thought I already followed you from last Rumblefest and BA. Guess I'll fix that now!
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